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Informed by the savage goddess that is Cape Cod and inspired by the ever unquiet seas that embrace his island homes, Peter W. Yaremko currently writes and publishes both fiction and non-fiction. His work has been described as at once entertaining and insightful.

Perhaps this is so because he refuses to be landlocked--figuratively and literally--by lifestyles, creative expressions or residences. As a result, his professional career has included journalism, corporate communications, event and video production, speechwriting, teaching college and corporate writing classes--and innkeeping. In his two seaside homes, he is surrounded by creative works that express man’s timeless delight in art that is unseen until it is freed by the hand of the artist. He holds collections of Inuit sculpture, Balinese statuary and Buddha images. The five water features he has commissioned include a Calder-inspired mobile sculpture that reflects the invigorating interplay of water and air. The portfolio of paintings in his homes ranges from 19th Century works to contemporary artists local to Cape Cod.

Mr. Yaremko draws literary energy from all these sources, and currently has five works published, in final edit or in progress. His titles, published under his own Pamet River Books imprint, are available from Amazon (for Kindle), iBooks (for iPad) and Barnes and Noble (for Nook). Simply click the links or the book covers to buy.


Two New Books from Peter W. Yaremko

 Fat Guy in a Fat Boat

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Fat Guy in a Fat Boat

The misadventures of a newly minted Sunday sailor

As a boy, the author fell in love with the graceful sailboats that dance on shimmering waters like toy ballerinas on a mirrored music box. But it took a half-century before he had the time and the wherewithal to buy a sailboat. Fat Guy in a Fat Boat is his story of trying to tame a ballerina of a boat that morphed into a she-devil. Seasoned sailors and armchair mariners will find this tale at once hilarious and heart-warming. Order Fat Guy in a Fat Boat directly from Amazon. Ebook versions are coming soon.


A Light from Within Book Cover

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A Light from Within

When the moments of our lives blossom into a transforming force

A Light from Within captures a year in the paradise locales of Cape Cod and Vieques Island. Reminiscent of A Year in Provence, these incisive stories visit the odd and the ordinary, the exceptional and the unexpected, the humorous and the sober–the many moments of our lives that seem commonplace until they are examined under a creative lens. The essays in this ebook appeared in a slightly different form in the author’s blog during 2013 and 2014. Of them, Mr. Yaremko says, “I found that when I lived my life the first time, there were many things I didn’t notice. It was only in replaying scenes—as I sat each week to write the stories—that I had the aha moments.”


Novels in Final Edit


Little Flower: A Killing on Cape Cod

What happens when evil comes alive?

On January 6, 2002, the body of a 46-year-old single mom was discovered lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor of her Truro, Massachusetts, home. She had been raped and stabbed, and her 18-month-old daughter left for days to suckle at the corpse. Four years later, a suspect was convicted of the crime and is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole. His defense attorney claimed prosecutors withheld evidence, and locals in the know say cops got the wrong man. Suppose they’re right?

Down the Edges is a fictionalized account of what could have happened if the true murderer were still on the loose. This is the taut, smartly written and timeless story of of a done-it-all career woman who finds her life running down, like a car left parked with its headlights on. Set against the raw brutality of the Cape Cod that visitors never see, forty-something Jenny Rutherford is assaulted by past and present ghosts as well as an unholy trinity of enemies that includes a very real stalker.


Charming Billy

A homeless boy’s grim engagement with innocence and iniquity

Following the tradition of classic coming-of-age fiction, Silently in the Dark is a novella that will take readers to a new and memorable place, where the touch of evil lurks among even the most commonplace lives.

Silently in the Dark is a suspenseful and uncommon story of a homeless boy’s quest for belonging in the aftermath of his father’s rejection--and the raw reality of life on his own. We’re carried along on the guileless boy’s emotional and spiritual journey as he wrestles with manifestations of evil, with guilt and forgiveness, with faith and trust--and with the overriding question of who will decide his life and his happiness.



Books in Progress


Chasing Thoreau

Engaging inscrutable Cape Cod on a marathon walk of her Great Beach

At a time in our nation’s history when everything everywhere looks increasingly the same, long, wandering walks can be a way to see the world in new and often striking ways. To test this idea, the author retraced Thoreau’s 1849 traverse of Cape Cod’s Great Beach, the longest stretch of uninterrupted sand and surf in the world—walled against the Atlantic Ocean by palisades of sand that spike up to 140 feet high. Along the way, he encounters spirits of Puritans and Wampanoags, the dwarfish Pukwudgie and giant Moshup, miles of monotony and tunnels of danger, Australian songlines and French psychogeography–until he stands, like Thoreau, with “all America behind him” and the answer to the question that started it all.

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    Good luck finishing your new books Peter, we all understand your hiatus,
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    Peter. I am so very sorry to hear that your wife has passed away. I will be praying to our Blessed Mother for her, and for you. With her presence our pain will always be more tolerable.