My First Saturday of Not Blogging

It’s been a nicely productive week since I announced a hiatus in my Saturday morning Paradise Diaries blog posts.

But here it is Saturday morning, and I find that three-year-old habits die hard.

I’m taking only an hour out of my “authoring” labors to post this “occasional” blog so I can update you about some exciting news.

You’ll remember that last week I explained that I want to focus my time on completing three books that are nearly complete. Well, the biggest step forward this week was coming to an agreement with my editor, Stacey Donovan, for her to work on my book of essays drawn from my blog posts.

Stacey is a prolific author of fiction and non-fiction as well as a perceptive and effective editor. She expects to complete developmental editing of my manuscript (MS) by October. 


Stacey Donovan

After I’ve incorporated Stacey’s notes, the revised MS goes to Dick Margulis, who was involved in my prior two books, A Light from Within and Fat Guy in a Fat Boat


Dick Margulis

Dick takes the MS through the rest of the process: copy editing, proofreading, formatting and printing. Along the way, I’ll bring on a designer to create a compelling cover.

The working title of the new book is Saints and Poets, Maybe. I took this from a moving scene from Thornton Wilder’s play, “Our Town.” Emily, deceased during childbirth at a young age, is granted a day to revisit her life. She comes away from the experience realizing that every moment of life is to be treasured:

EMILY: "Does anyone ever realize life while they live it . . . every, every minute?"

STAGE MANAGER: "No. Saints and poets, maybe . . . they do some.


Emily, from “Our Town”

I think this title comes close to capturing what I’ve tried to do in my blogs during the past three years—examine the commonplace in our lives and try to give them larger meaning.

If all goes well, the book will be ready for December's holiday gift-giving.

But there’s even better news. About my novella. Next time.

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