Heralded events capture our attention and imagination, sometimes to the exclusion of more mundane but equally miraculous manifestations. Can a flight of birds, for instance, outshine a supermoon as happened on Cape Cod's Coast Guard Beach at 4:54 P. M. Monday? 


Such a fuss about Ms Moon these days,

she all full of her pompous perigee syzygy self.

Good grief!

You’d think she was the sole

belle at the ball.

Mars has two, excuse me,

Fear and Panic,

and bloated Jupiter fifty-three.

Saturn cuddles sixty-two

and rings, too!

What made me yes! in awe on the Atlantic beach

where I watched her coolly

ascend the eastern sea

was the flock of flighty gulls that shamed

la bella luna

by silently passing between

sea and sky,

between her and me and

the crowd gathered

with scopes and binoculars and iThings

raised to the four-fifty-four sky,

raised in obeisance to miracle-making optics

while rouged Ms Moon went unregarded by the gulls,

save for their fleeting moonshadows,

grudgingly marking in the ancient sand

the moment.

No eyes looked down

to regard that.

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