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My new book did not make the “100 Notable Books of 2017” list that will be published tomorrow in The New York Times.

In a way, I’m glad. Because some of the non-fiction books that made the list leave me scratching my head.

Here’s are some of the “most notable” selections:

  • Darwin’s “Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice”
  • A collection of biographies of famous animals, from a mummified mammoth to Mr. Ed
  • A history of the Gulf of Mexico 
  • An examination of the political partnership between Bannon and Trump. (Who wants Trump’s mug under their Christmas tree?)

What kind of book would you like to give as a holiday gift? What kind of book would best represent you to your friends and family?

My book, Saints and Poets, Maybe: One Hundred Wanderings, is a collection of articles that lead the way to what Druids called the thin places. This is where we can hear the beating heart of things, see the oak within the acorn.

In these stories, I take you along with me to wander the thin places as do saints and poets—the few who “realize life while they live it.”

Here’s what some have said about the writing:

“Another excellent piece of work by an exceptional author.”

--Dr. Erik Schmitt 

“As always, your insight is staggering. Thanks for clarifying and putting into words feelings and other realities that many of the rest of us find difficult—or impossible to express.”

--Kaye Mayr

“Thanks for your heartfelt unbearing of your soul.”

--Ana Lacey

“I am happy to be connected with your work.”

--Stephen Kovacev

The book is an illustrated, moveable feast that shifts among my favorite haunts: Outer Cape Cod, the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, Manhattan’s Great White Way, and a Trappist monastery. As a former newspaper reporter, I zoom in to reveal and explore our true frontiers—the people, events, and ideas we overlook too easily.

I’m not afraid to go where the story takes me, whether it’s the death of a life partner or betrayal by a trusted friend. But this is no collection of somber essays. I try to write in a way that fuels your passion to live like you mean it.

Some are pointed satire about the farcical quality of otherworldly stuff like candy corn and supermarket muffins.

Others demonstrate my innate irreverence: “A Few of My Most-Hated Things” and “The Assault on Architecture.” Equal-opportunity victims include Victoria’s Secret bras, iPhone’s Siri, and the New York Yankees’ baseball uniforms.

The stories in this collection summon characters who range from the ninety-seven-year-old “Queen of the Fairies” to supercilious captains of blue-chip companies. And I don’t hesitate to enlist expert witnesses as diverse as Aristotle and Aquinas, Orson Welles and Andy Warhol.

If you’re looking for a book of enrichment and companionship as a holiday gift that’s an entertaining, exhilarating, and enchanting journey, consider Saints and Poets, Maybe.

It’s available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon:


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