Do you notice


I own a number of Inuit sculptures, each as dense and elemental as the Earth from which it’s wrested. When I pass by one of the pieces, my hand, by some primal instinct, reaches out to caress its silken surface. Cold, yes, and hard, but alluring all the same. And responsive. My touch seems to summon the rock from eons past into the eternal now. The Inuit envision humankind reincarnating in concert with the creatures who sustain their earthly lives. Many of their sculptures depict this movement from human to animal, animal to human. Ever the circle. 

Do you notice

Do you notice

something anything

in the rock


Rock hard as raptor’s aerie is invisible

less invisible, perhaps, than





whiff of smoke in the face

it takes an eye



solid nonmetallic mineral matter

yielding rock

as cement

yields concrete


It takes an eye

Michelangelo freeing fettered David

immortal for it

but humble Inuit too

hammering cross-legged on icy stoops


beyond sonogram’s sight

man forward slash whale

seal forward slash woman

one inuksuit two inuksuk







head and hand and heart

twined toward life


do you notice

something anything

in the rock



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  • Sharon Matthews
    commented 2016-10-30 00:36:58 -0400
    The human in me needs to have someone to love me, perhaps,, I am loving myself like an animal curls up to love herself, it’s very deep, need to hear and learn more. We all need love and nurturing..
  • William J McKay
    commented 2016-10-15 07:04:13 -0400
    I would like to look a bit closer and a bit longer at this collection than I did a few weeks ago; perhaps I was too eager to play a bit on the piano? You give me pause here to think or hope that my sister may be “in some rock?” But could she only inhabit back when it was a mere rock and not a place of refuge? I have wished her in other places fir the last five years. That would be a few more years than five’ and would she choose a rock? We shall have to talk about that next time around. Thank you for the poem and the idea.