Two of Every Thing


“Broken Vows” was painted by Philip Hermogenes Calderon in 1856. Now at the Tate Gallery in London, the painting, which was wildly popular in its time, captures a woman discovering that her lover is unfaithful. My friend, artist Johniene Papandreas, rendered her vision of this masterpiece (below), displayed in my Cape Cod home. I offer these thoughts to all who have suffered the abiding pain of infidelity.  


Why do I have two of every thing


Two chairs side by side

everywhere throughout the place,

a relentless refrain,

when I need but one


I am one,

the loneliest number,

some singer informed me.

Two pillows

where one will do.

Two sinks in the bathroom.

A table for two

assumed when I call,

else eat alone at the bar.

His attention, too, divided.

Love divisible.

Two of every thing

for him, too.


                                                                                                            (Gallery Voyeur)

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    Thank you, Elizabeth Destiny, for your emailed comment: “Strikingly painful!”